About Us

The owner and founder of Municipal Software Solutions, Pam Wood, worked and studied within the Tyler Technologies MUNIS Division for over a decade, where she established extensive database knowledge across the complete MUNIS Suite through immersion within the software companies’ Data Conversion Department. Pam Wood then went on to direct and manage the MUNIS Professional Services Department, and successfully developed custom processes, including interfaces across applications, and for third-party software. In 2005, she transferred to the Western Region of the company, where she worked as a Project Manager for New Client financial and payroll implementations. This included the complete training process, delivery of extensive analysis, and the development of best business practice documents.

In 2007, Pam Wood worked as a Project Manager in the Eastern Region, and focused on managing and delivering solutions to all MUNIS clients. Pam Wood consistently delivers professional, value-driven service. She has decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience, and can provide the most value and innovation per your dollar spent. Satisfaction guaranteed!